31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 13 – Organized Clutter

Happy Day 13 of 31 Days To Clutter Free. 

31 Day Button-3

I’m slowly getting through things, how about you? I’ve spent some time going through my favorite collection – craft stuff.  I call it organized clutter.  I won’t tell you what my hubby calls it. 🙂

I think we are all going to always going to have some clutter.  Just make sure it’s organized and then it will look planned.  Try and keep it confined and stick to the plan to keep it from spreading.  Here’s some ways I put my craft stuff in order.

My hubby has dubbed my spare room “the woman cave”.  It has all my favorite things, all my clutter, in organized fashion.

Cellophane and wrapping paper for my candy bouquets housed in an empty garbage can.

Craft Room 044

Scrapbook paper all filed away by color…


Important memories…

Blog Pics - Closet Organization 069

An extra closet…


Have fun organizing your favorite clutter and remember, it’s okay.


latte Lattenene

2 responses to “31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 13 – Organized Clutter

  1. Oh, I wish I had all those nice places for paper. Picked two 2 shelf ones at walmart on sales…would love more but dang it ads up!

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