31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 14 – Some Additional Donation Places I Heart

Happy Friday and Woot Woot!!!  We are at the half way point of the 31 Day Challenge to go Clutter Free.  Day 14, can you believe it.  To look at all posts so far just click into my sidebar.

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I shared recycle and donation information on Day 7 .  I wanted to add to this list and share with you today some additional places that are worth taking the time to donate to.  And yes, all three have a story behind them.

The Lions Club – a worldwide organization with groups in every city.  These individuals come together to volunteer their time in their communities to make a difference.  Their influence is positive to their surroundings.  My dad was a member of the Lions Club from the day he retired from his job to the day he died, 23 years.  He ran the Eye Bank for his group and what that meant is he collected used eye glasses , and using aised funds, had the proper prescriptions put in glass frames , giving them to those that could not afford to purchase a pair.  A very worthy cause.  In my quest these past two weeks to de-clutter I found 6 pairs of glasses and I know where I am taking them.  Contact the Lions Club in your area today and do the same.

Battered Women’s Shelter – I used to travel a lot for work and would bring home the shampoos, conditioners and lotions that were left in my hotel room.  I just tossed them into ziplock bags and threw them in the bottom of my linen closet.  Several years ago I got my work group engaged.  I went to Michaels and bought 100 small brown bags.  Everyone brought in their extra samples.  One of my co-workers brought in toothbrushes and toothpaste.  Another had an over abundance of stickers, pens, writing pads.  We filled 70 bags with all of the items that we just had laying around.  In order to contact a Battered women’s shelter you have to call the police as they need to run a background check on you first.  Remember these folks at the shelters, adults and children have been pulled or ran from their homes because they were being abused.  In many cases they have left with nothing.  So a bag with soap, lotion, shampoo and all the rest of the items, the smallest of items to us, can mean so much to someone else.  I was able to make contact and drop off those 70 bags and what a good feeling it was.

Hospitals and Police Stations – Ever wonder what to do with all those Beanie Babies you madly collected or the stuffed animals you won at the local fair.  Having them cleaned and taking them to a hospital or police station might benefit a child that needs to hold on to something for comfort.   Books are very helpful too.

So take a look at your clutter and really ask yourself will it benefit someone else?


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