31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 16 – Under the Bathroom Sinks + Day 15 Linen Closet Recap

Day 16!  Happy Sunday All!

31 Day Button-3

A quick recap for you on my Saturday activities and tasks I had planned to complete.  I had lunch as planned with my nieces and sis-in law (bummer, one was sick).  Stopped at Michaels (mistake) and got home too late to tape and paint.  I’m moving that to next weekend and did not beat myself up for it.

It’s nice this clutter free series keeps me honest with all of you.  Thank you.  Yep, that’s what I said at 10:00 last night when I was cleaning out the linen closet (see yesterdays post).  Here’s some before and after pics.  It looks so much better.  You see that big space on one shelf?  That’s where I threw all the towels out and will buy new this week.  I also did not put back a bunch of containers with craft items in them.  Later this week I’ll share some storage ideas for those kind of items.  Ta da da!…here are the before and after, and yes I’m patting myself on the back ’cause I’m quite proud of myself.  🙂

IMAG0869 IMAG0955

IMAG0925 IMAG0957


The amazing thing is I had all the containers and covering the cardboard boxes with contact paper was a bonus!

Moving on to tasks I want to complete today. I’m taking on under the bathroom sinks.  This will be interesting…HA!!!  One of those things I need to go through is all my make-up.  I searched and found the attached to help me; great information on the shelf life for blush,mascara, etc.  Join me, won’t you?

make-up shelf life

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One response to “31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 16 – Under the Bathroom Sinks + Day 15 Linen Closet Recap

  1. Well done! Thank you so much for joining the party!

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