31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 18 – How To Hide Kept Clutter

Woot Woot!  Day 18 and let me just say this challenge has really made my brain stay on overdrive and me into gear.  By sharing with you I am motivating myself to really clean, straighten, organize and de-clutter and all before the holiday season.  Excellent!

31 Day Button-3

I’ve mentioned before that realistically we will always have some clutter.  Rephrase:  I am real enough with myself to know I will always have a little bit of clutter.  That said, it can be organized and stored effectively so not to make my hubby to crazy.  I walked through my house thinking about this yesterday and took a couple of pics of what I use to do this.  Apologies, the pics aren’t the greatest.  I was using my phone and the lighting was poor.  I’ve somehow locked my camera up and need to fix it.

I will always have some magazines and we will always lay around in the family room.  That’s what it’s for.  I have two metal cubes that act as my coffee table and I hide blankets, pillows and magazines in them.

fam rm cube

When my mom passed away I brought her hope chest home and it’s full of memories, hers and mine.  I know right where everything is and  I can go “visit”  anytime.

hope chest

for magazines in the den…

map chest

Spare room /guest room/ craft room – this cute turquoise cube has sheets and blankets for the hide-a-bed.

turq cube

I’ve stacked these large decorative boxes and they act as a side table in my loft.  What you can’t see is the backside where I’ve labeled them.  There’s one for me, and one for each of my brothers.  When my parents and Aunt passed away I became the recipient of all the photos.  If I’m watching TV in the loft I’ll sort through photos at the same time and put them in the appropriate box.  Doing it this way seems to be working.

photo boxes

There ya have it.  How do you store the clutter that you just can’t seem to get rid of?


latte Lattenene

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