31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 19 – Laundry Room

Happy Day 19 Everyone.  If your along with me in the 31 days to clutter free we’ve accomplished much!

31 Day Button-3

I made it through the 3 bathrooms.   Today after work I will be going through the laundry room.  That will be both a challenge and an opportunity.  It’s where all the cleaners are stored.  We also normally enter our house through the garage so I need to find a way for it to not be a dumping ground.  If you’re going through your laundry room today think about how much time you spend in there.  I’m not yet sure what I’ll do yet, but I’m taking my inspiration from the following pics brought to you by Pinterest.

Use a shower caddy under the sink for cleaning products.

.Shower caddy in laundry for supplies

A munch prettier way to house laundry soap.

If I scoop laundry detergent from a glass jar does it make it more fun to fold the clothes?


I found a glass jar, put the recipe on it and will keep it in my laundry cabinet. That way I always have the recipe and a container to shake it in close at hand. I soaked a few items and was very impressed with how well it worked. Homemade OxyClean: 1 cup water, 1/2 cup peroxide, 1/2 cup baking soda.  Mix together and soak laundry in it for 20 minutes to overnight and then wash as usual. Or you can just skip the water and pour the peroxide and baking soda directly into the wash with your laundry soap and wash as usual.  Clean your washing machine. Mine WAS disgusting until I tried this. Easy

I want mine to look like these…

Inspiring laundry rooms.  laundry rooms

Laundry Rooms This is nice for small laundry rooms! One of my All time favorite laundry rooms

Have fun today!  Pics tomorrow!


latte Lattenene

2 responses to “31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 19 – Laundry Room

  1. Love the laundry room inspiration! Especially the glass jar for detergent. I need a way to get my laundry…basement…to look good! Maybe I’ll like doing laundry more. Ha!

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