31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 22 – Donation Day + Catch-Up

Welcome to Day 22!

31 Day Button-3

It’s catch up day and that’s a god thing for me.  Here in the Northwest it’s early and it  is pouring rain.  I’ve no excuses. 

It took me 3 days to complete the de-clutter / organization of the laundry room.  Well, except to paint and buy a new rug, that will come another day.  Pics to come but right now I need to get Divot to the vet for shots.

Do you remember all those piles you’ve been adding to since Day 1? Donate, Garbage, Recycle, Unsure?  Remember those  items that you tagged with post-it notes from Day 1?  It’s time.  The day is today to dispose or put back some of those items. 

Unsure what I’m talking about?  Below is a link to the first 21 days of the 31 Days to Clutter Free Series

Day 1 – Intro

Day 2 – Eliminate the Obvious

Day 3 – Organization Quiz

Day 4 – Magazines and Books

Day 5 – Cleaners

Day 6 – It’s Kitchen Time

Day 7 – Recap, Cleaning Tip + Donation Info

Day 8 – Closets

Day 9 – Reality

Day 10 – Closet Organizer Ideas

Day 11 – To Shred or Not To Shred

Day 12 – Organizing by Notebook

Day 13 – Organized Clutter

Day 14 – Some Additional Donation Places I Heart

Day 15 – Linen Closet

Day 16 – Under The Bathroom Sinks + Linen Closet Recap

Day 17 – Clutter Collections

Day 18 – How To Hide Kept Clutter

Day 19 – Laundry Room

Day 20 – Confessions and More Organizing Ideas

Day 21 – Computers and Cell Phones

What are you doing today to organize or de-clutter?


latte Lattenene

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