31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 24 – Ten Storage Ideas That Will Help Save Time

Day 24!  YES!!! 

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I wanted to share with you a few ideas I use when it comes to storage.  Some I may have covered in previous post so forgive me.  🙂  My list:

  • Use colored totes to match the season or event when storing decorations and label them as well.  For example, I use red and green totes for Christmas, brown for Fall and Halloween decorations, turquoise for Easter, Red for Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4th and clear for St. Pattys and Valentines Day.
  • To go one step further with the Christmas storage I usually store decorations by room and include a picture of how it looked.  Holiday decorating can be overwhelming so 30 minutes and emptying one tote can be gratifying.
  • I have a lot of front door welcome signs and I store them in one container in the front hall closet.  See HERE for previous article.


  • Use clear contact paper on either side of something your child colored.  Not only does it protect it, they can use it as a place mat.  When my son was younger I did this all the time.  Trust me, you can’t save everything.
  • Lesson Learned – when your son or daughter gets a trophy for being on a team or wins an individual award quickly write on the bottom the date and what the accomplishment was., who was there, etc.  That information is priceless later in life.
  • Keep large shopping bags (like those you get at Nordstrom or Macy’s )in your closet.  I keep two, one for dry cleaning and one for donate.  When they get full, I make a trip.
  • Store all the car wash supplies right in the bucket you use to wash the vehicle. That way you’ll never hear your husband say “Where’s the (insert item here)?”
  • If you have kids, buy the individual file totes for each of them. You’ll never have to look for anything! See HERE to read previous article
  • Keep your shopping bags in the garage so when you grocery shop bagging it up is so much easier
  • If your anything like me I’m always thinking of something I have to do and sometimes that happens in the strangest places.  I keep tablets and a pencil in the bedroom and bathroom.  My best brainstorms come when I’m drying my hair. LOL!

There ya have it!


latte Lattenene


2 responses to “31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 24 – Ten Storage Ideas That Will Help Save Time

  1. Such excellent tips! This has been a great learning month! Thank you.

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