31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 25 – Multi Purpose Trays + A Question

Onward clutter bugs.  Onward to Day 25!

31 Day Button-3

I’m being real when I say anything can be perceived as clutter if it doesn’t look organized.  My new favorite thing to organize items is trays.  I went to my favorite place to get a few ideas to share with all of you.  Thank you Pinterest!

Great for keeping the kids’ coloring supplies together and I bet they can travel from house to car


Lovely in the bathroom.  Hmmmm I saw one similar the other day at TJ Max for a very good price.  Might have to go back.


Inside or outside…


Love all the colors…




Don’t you agree that trays are awesome.  Heck, I bet I could even spray paint a cookie sheet……can you tell I’m tired and have lots on my brain.  I tend to ramble when this happens.

Okay, so here’s the question…What happens when this 31 day series is over?  Should I continue to share organizing ideas a couple days a week on this blog?  Should I create another blog strictly for organization and name it “Clutterless in Seattle”?  Get it?  LOL  Will you still follow me ’cause I love that you do. 🙂 would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a wonderful day.  TTYL,

latte Lattenene

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