31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 26 – The Office

Happy Day 26!

31 Day Button-3

I hope your doing well with only 5 days left in the 31 Day challenge.  I saved my biggest mess for last, the office.  It consists of one large desk and filing cabinet, 2 tall bookshelves and a leather loveseat.  The “To Be Filed” box is OOC.  That’s short for out of control.  The file drawers have outdated info and there are lots of knick knacks that I have avoided for 25 days.  I’ve an overflow of school supplies that have not been used since my son graduated high school.  He’s a junior in college now. 

It’s the sorting, labeling and filing that will take the time.  My mode generally to complete something like this is 30 minutes a day until complete.  By breaking it it down into smaller sections and having small success I’ll stay more engaged to complete the entire den.  Maybe this type plan will work for you.  Do what you can when you can but just always be doing something. 🙂


latte Lattenene


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