31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 30 – Accomplished Organized Spaces

Hi everyone.  Welcome to Day 30.

31 Day Button-3

I’ve taken a look back over the past 29 days and thought I would recap with some pictures some of the areas I’ve re-organized. 

Here we go….Day 1 was all about eliminating the obvious, walking through your home and just filling a laundry basket with items that were there just because and you really didn’t want them to be there.  Here’s my loot:

31 Days Day 2 023 31 Days Day 2 025 31 Days Day 2 033

Where has all this ended up you ask?  Some has been tossed in the garbage, put in books, or used in organizing other areas.

I repurposed the small closet in the loft for some of my craft supplies (candy bouquet items and wood items that need painting).


I moved the photos I need to sort through to 3 large decorative boxes, then stacked them to make a side table in my loft.  This way, when I’m watching TV, I have no excuse – I can multi-task.

photo boxes 

The reorganized laundry room is still waiting for a new rug and a paint job but those will come with time.  For right now, I am happy with how it looks, especially inside the cupboards.

   IMAG0972-1         IMAG0974


Updated linen closet:

IMAG0869                  IMAG0955 IMAG0958

I found an organized space for all my scrapbook paper.


and thought  out of the box to utilize other unused spaces …

turq cube map chest fam rm cube

Hopefully this gives you some great ideas.  I’ll be back tomorrow for one last post in this 31 day challenge…Boo Hoo!


latte Lattenene

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