Fireplace Wall Update

Hello, Hello!  After writing the 31 Days To Clutter Free series every day in October I took a little break yesterday and didn’t post a thing. But I’m bbbbback!

I was home alone the other day.  My hubby always says that’s dangerous because I start thinking too much and he never knows what he’ll fine when he gets home.  I decided it was time to start painting and my focus is the family room and kitchen.  I wanted to start with the wall the TV is mounted on, which is directly above the fireplace.

When we first moved into this house there was a alcove above the fireplace mantle where there was a nice picture hung.  Several years ago we bought a 3 square couch and that’s when we enclosed the alcove, made it a flat wall and bought a flat screen TV to hang there.  It was the same time we painted the family room and kitchen walls a light yellow and the wall behind the TV a light green.  The yellow has faded and I have never liked the green. 

Sooooo a few weeks ago I I got some black scrapbook paper and some blue painters tape and filled in the wall behind the TV with the paper.  I really liked it so I went to my closes Home Depot for some flat black, and I really like it.  When the TV is off it kind of fades into the wall.  The picture has some glare but I think you’ll see what I mean.  Here’s the before and after.

Fireplace Before-1

fireplace after-1

Can you notice the ugly yellow wall color.  That’s next.  I’ve been testing colors and the fall decorating is influencing me to those beautiful oranges and gold.  I’m on the edge thinking they would make much better accent colors.  The other factor I have to consider is my hubby is strongly opposed to painting the wood mantle or brick fireplace. 

Here are the paint colors.  What do you think?

Paint Colors

I know for sure the far left darker brown is out – looks like poop on the wall and I definitely do not want to be cooking and think about poop on the wall!  The 2 colors on the right I think I will use for seasonal accent colors.  So it’s down to 2.  The one on the left is Tea Time and the other is a Behr sample my Home Depot friends matched from a Glidden color.  I’ve named that one Vanilla Latte.  So which do you like, Tea Time or Vanilla Latte?


latte Lattenene

4 responses to “Fireplace Wall Update

  1. They both sound, and look, delicious 🙂

    • I agree Tammy. I always have to think about paint colors for awhile. I’ve learned that I can be too quick to react sometimes. I think I’m leaning towards the vanilla latte….but I really like the tea time as well. See what I mean! LOL

  2. They’re both nice… if it was me, I’d probably go with tea time, and then I would leave the mantle with the wood stain, but paint any other trim white. I think the vanilla latte is a little too light and the white trim wouldn’t POP as much! 🙂

    • I agree with you but I have a hubby that I can’t twist his arm about painting wood trim. We painted over the weekend. I ended up using Tea Time as the accent color. The nice thing about paint is if I want to change I can. I appreciate your thoguts; really good points.

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