For The Love of Buttons

TGIF!  The weekend will soon be here!

Today I feel the need to talk about buttons…..again.  I heart them; their shapes, colors, size.

Craft Room 024 Buttons1

I know not too long ago I wrote about the things you could do with buttons.  Check back HERE.

Then I made this wall hanging; a frame the neighbor gave me, scrapbook paper, a little glue and buttons from my jar>

Buttons Gold Frame-1







Now, here’s some additional pic from where else, Pinterest, of what one can do with buttons.

Buttons and desks


pins pushed through buttons on to foam forms. -   Button tree.

in loooove with covered button crafts   Button Crafts

Pinned Image

Don’t ya just love buttons?


latte Lattenene

One response to “For The Love of Buttons

  1. Have to admit I never tought in buttons in any kind of art except keep my jeans up! But is amazing what you can do when you got imagination. Love the work. Take care, Daniel

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