Thank You Good Samaritans

Today’s post is not about a craft or a DIY.  It’s not about an organizing tip or something to cook or the Divot diary or pinterest or ….It’s about the kindness two people bestowed on me two Sunday’s ago.

Divot and I were at Home Depot getting  paint for the Fireplace wall (see yesterdays post).  Out of the blue I hear the loudspeaker scream “Will the owner of a blue Acura MDX license plate @%^^&& please come to the central service desk”.  That’s me I said and the sinking feeling in my stomach began.  They told me I needed to go to the parking lot, someone had hit me.

When Divot and I got to the car the Home Depot Security guard and a husband and wife were already there.  The driver who hit me was not.  Yep, hit and run.  I was so angry that someone could just drive off.  The good news was this nice couple were in there car and watched this 1998 Suburban back in and out, then in and out again of the parking spot next to me.  They watched him take out my drivers side door and then they watched him drive away.  The husband went to the central service desk, the wife jotted the license number down and waited for the security guard.  By the time I got there the police had already been called.

Everyone waited with me until the Sherriff got there.  They gave there statements  and pertinent contact information an then left.  The Sherriff tracked the driver down, in fact went to his house, and gave him two choices.  He could provide insurance information or the report would be filed as a hit and run and he could go to court.  The driver decided to provide his insurance information.

THANK YOU KIND SAMARITANS!  I am so grateful that people are still willing to go the extra mile and provide an act of kindness.

Paperwork and process are so slow.  Just yesterday I was able to get my car into the shop.  I have a rental car and won’t get my car back for at least 5 days.  Getting in an accident is really sucky but the hassle of it all could of been worse.  Again, than you kind people for doing the right thing!


latte  Lattenene


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