I’m Back – Update On My Accident

Hi All –

Seems like I’ve been gone forever and a day.  Since my Emergency Room visit on November 19 I’ve stayed away from the blogging.  Typing one-handed was way to hard and made me very tired.  I had surgery the day after Thanksgiving.  I had to be at the hospital by 5:30 a.m. for a 7:30 surgery.  I came home with 6 pins and 2 plates in my completely shattered wrist and I was bound by a fully wrapped soft cast from wrist to above the elbow.  It was not fun.

I saw the Doc this past Tuesday.  He did x-rays and confirmed the plates and pins are still in place and the 6 inches of stitches are starting to heal.  So are the shattered bones!  I have a small splint now which I can take off for showers.  YES!!!  Can’t tell you how excited I am.

I’ve been miserable the  past several weeks.   Okay, I will just say it.  I was a big baby and I’m ashamed to say at times really felt sorry for myself!  I am one of those who believe all things happen for a reason and to look for the message.  My heart has opened wider to those that suffer with cancer, terminal illness, etc and deal with it every day.  How do these people do it?  They smile and make others feel important when dealing with their own trauma.  It’s some thing I will now think about more.  And I promise, this is me, no pain meds, talking.

I’m a lucky person.  My husband, my family and my friends have been wonderful to me.  Love and support came out of the woodwork offering to take me to the doctor, store, Christmas shopping…My sis-in- law and niece/God-daughter came up on Sunday to help me decorate for Christmas.  I decided a big tree in the living room just wasn’t needed.  So we did a couple of small trees, one in the family room, one in the den.  I had been working on some crafts and natural decorations so went with that style pretty throughout the house.  Very simple.  Now that I can type with 2 hands, I’ll be sharing pics soon.

I’m glad to be back!  Missed ya!

latte Lattenene


One response to “I’m Back – Update On My Accident

  1. I’ve missed your blogs! I’m happy to hear you’re on the mend and back to blogging.

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