Craft – Making Holiday Gift Tags

I spent the entire Saturday last week watching sappy Lifetime and Hallmark holiday movies and making gift tags.  I try to make them every year.  I just enjoy it.  This year because I broke my wrist and was totally out of commission for awhile,  my hubby went out and bought the wrap, ribbon and bows.  It’s probably not what I would choose but hey, I’m not complaining.  I love the fact that he took the initiative and did it and the color is great!

Okay, back to making gift tags.  I rounded up all my paint chips, seasonal scrapbook paper and stickers, craft ribbon, glitter glue, scissors and away I went.  Here’s a few already added to packages. 



Here’s a bunch of loose tags not yet added…

 Christmas Craft Gift Tags 007-2

Christmas Craft Gift Tags 003

Christmas Craft Gift Tags 009-1

Christmas Craft Gift Tags 011-1

Christmas Craft Gift Tags 008-1

Can you believe the base of these tags is a paint chip?  Thank you Martha, and Behr!  LOL!  Did you make your gift tags or Christmas cards this year?


latte Renee


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