My After Christmas "Pretty Good" Decoration Purchases

It doesn’t take me much to get me to smile and go Yeah Baby!  Just give me a clearance aisle and a 5 minute look and I’m  happy and content.  And the great thing about it I wasn’t even looking. Breathe and smile!  And like I told my husband, “Honey, I need this stuff for next year.  Really.  I promise you.”  Sound familiar for any of you?

I am providing  a disclaimer.  I have a sucky camera and it was a dismal day and I was tired.  Anyway, even with Picassa, the pictures are bad, but I’m sharing anyway.

The three of us (hubby, young son home from college on break) and I ran down to Burlington Coat Factory looking for some new T-shirts for my son(hate calling them wife-beaters; it’s the HR brain in me).  They went towards men’s underwear and I headed over to the decor side of the store.  And there they were in gold, eggplant and green and packaged in a handy plastic container.  Marked at $9.99 and on sale for $2.50 each, I got two containers.   Don’t ya love them?

003 004

Then son and I wanted to get out of the house one day and I bribed him to go to Marshals where I found this vase for $6.00.  SCORE!!!


If that wasn’t enough I ran to ACE Hardware yesterday for some black spray paint and they there and behold I found these for $2.00 a pick.  Probably still a bit pricey but I really really liked them and they look good in the vase!

016 015


I’m pretty happy with myself.  All this for $21.00.  Have you scored any good deals in the after Christmas sales?


2 responses to “My After Christmas "Pretty Good" Decoration Purchases

  1. You dun good! Actually I’ve been feeling pretty good about what I’ve scored, but for my niece, not myself. She saw some bows in Wal Mart that she wanted for her outdoor trees next year. I started picking them up for 50% off…got 15 packages of them that way. Last night I made another stop at a different W-M and found them for 75% off! So, now she will have 27 packages (4 bows each). She says that will be enough. I dunno…think maybe I should go back?!

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