Organize X 3…Hot Off The Press This Week

Organize 3 Series Button

I’m excited to share my new organizing series with you.  If you read my post yesterday you probably saw I posted a button that looked totally different.  In fact, I even posted it to Pinterest on My Blog Images.  Somewhere between last night and now I decided I didn’t like the look anymore and changed it.  This is much much better.

The first Organize 3 post will debut this Wednesday.  My plan, as it stands now, my full intent, my Pollyanna mind, says I want to share this series until next year, same time,, same place.  Notice I said plan.  Maybe I’m better off saying that’s the long term goal and stick to months for the short term.  We’ll see how I do.  Last October I took the 31day challenge and did The 31 Days To Clutter Free series.  That almost killed me.  This series I get to make the rules up. 

I’ll post once a week, every Wednesday, and my article will include 3 items about organizing.  It could be storage tips,  links to awesome websites,  info on cleaning products.  I’m just going to let it flow! 

I can’t wait!  In the interim, hope this picture makes you laugh.

Toilet Paper Cats


2 responses to “Organize X 3…Hot Off The Press This Week

  1. Love the pic…I’ve gone one of those in my house!

    Looking forward to this organizing!

  2. Ha! Looking forward to you organizing with me!

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