Snow Day – The Divot Diary 01-17-2012

It’s a snowy cold Pacific Northwest Day.  I took Divot out to play and wanted to share my pictures with you.  I wish he would of had a haircut, but oh well, you know how these kids can be!

We live on the golf course and the hill is perfect for sledding.


Divot does not like people crossing through or getting too close to his yard and when it happens he gets very intense and barks very loud.



Here’s some more – just pics, no words…

006 019-1




I think I’ll go have some hot cocoa now!



One response to “Snow Day – The Divot Diary 01-17-2012

  1. Brrrrrr! Those pics make me cold just lookin’! Divot is such a cutie…especially that last one with the snow on his face. And you live on a golf course! That must explain his name! Thanks for the pics…I miss that part of the country but must say, all that snow makes this 70 degree Arizona weather look pretty good right now!

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