Organize X 3 – How To Make A Collection Not Look Like Clutter

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Happy Wednesday and Organize X 3.  Did you know that anytime you have 2 or more of something it’s a collection?  It’s true.  I can’t remember when I read that, but it was many many years ago when I thought the only important thing in life was to collect wooden rocking horses.  I haven’t had those for at least 12 years. 

Today I wanted to give you 3 tips on how to organize your collections so they don’t look like clutter.  Your collections could be anything; knick-knacks, tins, birdhouses, spoons. milk glass, beanie babies (yep, went through that one), books, vases, etc. etc. etc.

Tip 1 – Keep alike items or themes grouped together.  For example, in this picture, all items are vintage; some worn books, an old looking box and a couple of vintage cameras. 

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Another example using a collection of dishes.

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Tip 2 – Group items in odd numbers and different heights.  The grouping will visually look more appealing and the staggered height difference will appear less cluttered.  A bonus tip included in this one.  Grouping collections in like colors also appears more cohesive and pleasing to the eye.

Pinned Image

Tip 3 – I think this is the most important!  Have some restraint.  You don’t have to show off all of your collections at once.  It’s fun to rotate them. Change is fun!  Perhaps organize your collections by season. 

Hope these tips are helpful.  Do you have collections?  What kind and how do you show them off?


*All pics from Pinterest

One response to “Organize X 3 – How To Make A Collection Not Look Like Clutter

  1. Great tips! I used to collect pigs…had HUNDREDS of them! Had to thin them down, so I kept most of the ones that were banks, and the very first one I had which was my mom’s. Don’t collect much of anything now. Junk and dust, is about all!

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