Organize X 3 – Paint Tips

Happy Wednesday and welcome back to…

Organize 3 Series Button

Today I wanted to share  3 “what to do with the paint after you paint tips”.

1.  Save the wood stir stick you use.   You’ve got the perfect paint sample just in case you need it for a resource.  In addition use a sharpie and write  pertinent info on the stick.  For examle,  what room the paint was used in or the color name.


2.  Paint part of a popsicle stick with your color and write pertinent info on these as well.  The popsicle sticks will fit nicely in your purse and are easy to grab so when your shopping you can match those pillows, sheets, curtains, etc.


3.  Do you ever find you need to touch up a wall and the paint can is sooooo far away in the garage?  Here’s what I did.   Grab some jelly jars, and labels.  Fill them with a small amount of the paint.  Keep in the house for those quick fixes.


There ya have it…


Do you have any good paint tips?


One response to “Organize X 3 – Paint Tips

  1. Good information to know… for when the time comes.

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