Bathroom Medicine Cabinet…Inspired!

I finally cleaned out my son’s bathroom.  Since he’s in his 3rd year of college I figure it’s high time.  And boy did I get rid of some needless junk.  I also cleaned out the medicine cabinet.  I wish I would of taken a picture before I emptied it, but I didn’t.  Oh well, plain white, you know what I mean?  Like this.

as is cabinet

I have to be creative because my husband does not want me painting the wood.  Just to update a little bit, I took the shelves out and backed it with some blue and white scrapbook just for a nice touch.


Can you see it?  Just a very light blue and white.  As for the door I backed it with solid blue paper and added some inspirational words.  That way whoever opens the medicine cabinet will get a whole lot of positive!


So what do ya think?  Have you done any fun simple decorating lately?


One response to “Bathroom Medicine Cabinet…Inspired!

  1. I haven’t done any yet, but every time I read your blog I get more ideas!

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