…Chicago, My Kind of Town

Hi Friends. 🙂  Did you miss me last week?  I missed you, really!  I was away on a business trip and after 10-12 hour work days I honestly did not have the energy to post anything that made sense.  But don’t you worry, I’m making up for it this week. 

Have you been to Chicago?  It was my first time.  I left the continual Seattle rain and spent 5 days in sunshine.  The temperature in Chicago over the 5 day period was 68 to 80.  Yes, you heard me right.  80 degrees.  I’m amazed what sunshine does for the human soul along with a walk to and from work in downtown Chicago.

The company I work for is located in the middle of downtown and our team assembled on the 26th floor.  As we looked out across the city the view was absolutely stupendous.  I pictured myself as Spiderman flying in between the tall buildings.  Here’s some pictures I took from the 26 floor.  I will caution you, all pics in this post were taken with my phone.  I didn’t have my camera. 

Okay, from inside the 26th floor looking out…

Bldg  Bldg Reflection  

Night Sun Sunset with Flag

Window View 1 River Center


Waterway Downtown



We took a few hours to walk down to what’s called the Magnificent Mile where I had my picture taken with Marilyn Monroe.

Marlyin and me-1  

Checked out the statue of Nathan Hale…my phone did not due the night shots justice.

Nathan Hale 1 Nathan Hale 2

A few more of the night views…

Night Shot

Magnif Mile

Night view 2

I hope you enjoyed my view of Chicago.  I’m linking up to  Mosaic Monday at   http://dearlittleredhouse.blogspot.com/.


   This week I’ll be sharing a few projects and some great organizing tips.  See you then.



3 responses to “…Chicago, My Kind of Town

  1. You WERE missed! Love the pics…I’ve never been there. Looking forward to you gettin’ back to posting!

  2. Wow!!! Pictures are stunning!!! Nicely done! Have a grand day! Cathy

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