Penny For Your Thoughts Jar

I have a neighbor who’s a great single mom with two great kids in their early teen years.  Do yiu remember back to when you were that age or do you have kids this age?  I know I had an attitude and my mood swings were sometimes like a wave, up and down, back and forth and I thought I knew everything. 

I was puttering around the house a couple of weeks ago and opened up my crap craft  closet looking for some inspiration.  She (my neighbor) was on my mind and when I saw the apothecary jar sitting on the shelf behold the brainstorm unveiled itself and I knew what I would do.


I printed up a bunch of words, phrases and questions on some green, blue and yellow paper.  They said things like My favorite food is….., If I had a million dollars….What’s your favorite color?….My favorite sport is….. Free Question.  I cut out each sentence separately, folded the paper strips in half and placed them in the jar.

Then I grabbed my glue gun and all the pennies I had leftover from my Penny Roof Birdhouse and glued them on the jar lid top.


I should of taken the time to make a nice label but I didn’t.  I just used a painter pen and didn’t do a very good job.  If I made another I would definitely add a label.


And that’s it.  The Penny For Your Thoughts Jar now sits on my neighbor’s kitchen table and their pulling out those paper strips and having some good conversation and laughs.



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