Bringing Back the Bird Bath

I hope you don’t mind but the bad head cold has stopped at our house.  My hubby has been totally sick and now I am fighting it.  I just don’t have the brain energy to be creative today so I’m bring back a post favorite from last June.

Have you been out and about working in your yard?  It has been raining way too much in the Seattle area but it’s on the improve.  We live on a golf course with a greenbelt on one side of us.  So lots of big ole trees around our house.  One of my most favorite times is after a big rain and the sun comes out.  That’s when all the birdies come out.  I love to hear them chirping. 

I used to have lot’s of birdfeeders, but we no longer put seed out as we were attracting rats.  Yes, RATS…ick!  Instead, I’ve strategically placed a  birdbaths in the back and side yard.  I’m sharing with you today a previous post how I made a birdbath out of flower pots. Read the instructions HERE.  And no, that is not a dead bird, it’s a rock!

Birdbath 050

Are you doing any crafty things for your yard?


2 responses to “Bringing Back the Bird Bath

  1. Thanks so much for stopping by…I live on a farm about 3 hr south-east of Perth but Mr FH and I also have a beach house in Mandurah which is 1 hr south of Perth (you may have been there -it’s one of our best holiday spots!) so we spend our life between the two!!
    I’ve added your blog to my list of favourites!

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