DIY – Button Wreath

I hope everyone’s Easter weekend was wonderful and you were able to celebrate with family.  It was fairly low key for us and it was perfect. 

Have I ever shared that I have a hard time just sitting while watching TV?  I get really really fidgety.  That’s probably why I use the DVR and On Demand as much as I can because then the commercials are optional.  You can speed through them unless you need the time to pee or throw a load of wash in the dryer. 

Sorry, digressing.  Okay, so yesterday while I was watching the Masters, I needed something to do so I went to my craft closet and Pinterest and got some inspiration.  I have a HUGE love of buttons and actually have a board on Pinterest called Buttons.  Feel free to check it and my other boards out.

Here was my inspiration:

Pinned Image Pinned Image

via                                                                       via

Here’s the button wreath I made:


It was easy peasy to do with a mimimal amount of time required.    I already had everything I needed in the closet.


All the supplies except the wire and buttons were purchased on various trips to the Dollar store.  Here’s the list of materials.

  • any kind of wreath
  • floral tape
  • wire
  • pliers
  • ribbon
  • buttons
  • glue gun and glue

I wrapped the wreath with the floral green tape so I would have a smooth base to glue the buttons on. 


The wrap a piece of wire a couple time around wreath in the place  where you want to hang it from.   Now the fun begins.  Pick out the buttons you want to use.  The best way is just to dump them all out.  I love buttons.  They make me giddy.  You may need to use the pliers if the buttons have backs on them.  All the buttons need to be flat. 


Glue the first row of buttons in the center around the entire wreath.  Then add buttons on either side.  Your objective is to not see any of the green when you look at the wreath with a side view.  Keep adding the buttons until you want to stop or when all gaps and green are covered.  Add your choice of ribbon for a cute bow.  Use the wire to hang.

I hung my wreath in the downstairs bathroom.  I love it against the green ivy leaf wallpaper.


008 013


016 006


What did you do this weekend?


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2 responses to “DIY – Button Wreath

  1. Marilyn Holeman

    Visiting from The Shabby Creek Cottage. I just usually play on my computer when a movie is playing. How much more fun to make a simple, but beautiful project like this!

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