Faux Desk Top Look

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that the past month or so I’ve been updating what I already updated last September.  I’ve been calling the room the guest/craft/reading room.  From today forward I think I’ll just call it my woman cave.  That’s what my husband calls it.  I also explained in a previous post that I have to live in the change for a bit to know if there is a need for more change.  In the case of the woman cave it does.

I originally wanted the room to be predominately black, white and yellow.  The loveseat/hide-a-bed is a deep turquoise  and needed to stay in the room for guest purposes.  I think that decison influenced/persuaded me to incorporate to much of the turquise color in the room.  That, plus a few other little items are what I am changing.  Last September I painted the walls a bright sunny yellow and I still am hapy with that choice.  I’ve always loved black and white; plain, together, patterned, whatever.  But that’s what I’m adding more of.  So far I’ve updated the dresser and desk chair.

Now I get to deal with the desk which isn’t really a desk.  Did I mention I’m trying to do this on the cheap?  The desk is really two stacked modular cubes previously purchased at Michaels on each end with a board across the top.  Not great, but it works for my needs right now and hey, did I say cheap!  I wanted a bit more than the plain white board on top look so I added contact paper to give it a granite type look.

Desk with Chair-001

Not bad, right?  And the great thing about the contact paper is I can easily remobe it any time I want! Here’s the before and after.

Desk long view L-view 1-001

and a few more pictures…

another view

Full View

yellow pots

L-view 2

Desk with Chair-001

B-T-W, the yellow pen containers, $1.00 each at the Dollar Store.  Have you done any “cheap” decorating lately?


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