The Divot Diary 4-26-2012 "I Stole a Bone"

Hi all.  Has the weather been getting nicer where you live?  Here in the Seattle are we’ve recorded 3 consecutive  weekends of beautiful sunshine.  Divot loves to be outside when it’s nice.  In fact, he thinks he owns the neighborhood.  We live on side street off the main culdesac where there are only 3 houses so dogs are pretty safe.  Divot and his friend Maggie love to play.  Sorry – I know this is a crummy picture


Divot has a very bad habit of sneaking into Maggie’s backyard and stealing Maggie’s chew bones.  See for yourself.

with caption


What Cha Lookin at


Tongue out

close up

Are you getting out in the sunshine?  Happy Thursday!


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