DIY – Herb Planter, 3 Tier

I love the smell of herbs, especially when there right outside the door of my kitchen planted in cute pots.

Herb Planter

This was simple and took a very short time to do.  I used 3 pots that were stored in my house and garage, spray paint by Rust Oleum in Marigold yellow and gloss blue.

The big pot is one I purchased from Rite Aid at least 5 years ago, if not more.  Here’s a close up, love the hummingbirds.

Hummer pot

Item List

I punched holes in the bottom with a nail and hammer before filling with dirt.  I spray painted the brown plastic part, a discard from my neighbor, got a dose of Marigold yellow.  The small metal tin was on of a 5 pack that was in the clearance aisle at Target last summer.  I used blue tape to identify some stripes and pained those gloss blue and also punched holes in the bottom.  Fill all pots with dirt and place on top of each other.  Choose your herbs and have fun!

Top  – lavender

Middle – lemon verbena and Greek oregano

Bottom – cilantro, curry and sage

Here’s some additional pictures…


house view Side view

close up

top view Herb Planter

What kind of herbs do you plant?


4 responses to “DIY – Herb Planter, 3 Tier

  1. These are great! I’d love to try this myself. Hubby made me a raised bed for herbs; we have sweet basil, cilantro, arugula, chives, and parsley in it so far, with lots more stuff coming. Thanks for sharing these pretty pictures!

  2. I’ve been wanting to start an herb garden. What a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing.

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