Checking My Balance

Hello!  How is everyone?  I’ve been so sporadic in my postings this May.  When I ask myself why I can’t pinpoint one thing.  I mean, I have a long list of completed crafts, thoughts and opinions and there they sit.  Work, my 40+ a week job, has been overly busy and a bit chaotic.  That, plus the sun pulling me outside for yard cleanup and planting, birthday parties, walks on the beach and through the woods have kept me busy.  By the time I sit down to process pictures or post an article I end up reading other blogs.

With only one day left in May I thought I’d check my balance with this chart.


Have you seen this before?  I have this on a page on my blog.  When I think about me in the last month I’d say I have some room for improvement in some areas but did well in others.  I definitely spent time in all 3 main areas, relationships, lifework and individual.

We all float through out each piece of the balance chart all the time.  You just have to recognize where your focus is and what percent you’re spending there and ask yourself if you’re okay with it.  There’s not a wrong or right answer.

Thanks for listen to me ramble.  It really helped my mind and soul.  Where did you fit into the balance chart this month?



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