What To Do When Waiting for the Spin Dry

It was one of the multiple tasking days; weeding and planting, laundry, banana bread in the oven.  I ran into the laundry room on route to the front yard’s weeds and saw the washer had just started the spin dry cycle.  I might as well wait said I so I stood there watching and listening when I noticed the ball of twine that somehow landed on the shelf and the empty and clean sweet-n-sour sauce bottle in the window.  How random can one get, right?

DIY Header

Ha Ha, it’s late and I’m tired and I just noticed the word bottle is showing on the bottle and it’s not supposed to be there.  I’m going to blame it on the Pic Monkey and I’m not going to fix it.  Seriously though, I was just standing there and this random thought  just entered my head.

Twine Jar Collage

This was dollar store twine so I trimmed the fly aways with some scissors.  At least now I have some fiber to break up my window sill.


DIY Header

Please tell me you’ve done some kind of random craft before.


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