Pinecones and Golf Courses

I mentioned before we were on vacation for a 2 weeks not too long ago.  My son was playing in a couple of golf tournaments so he flew from Orlando and we picked him up in Portland.  The first tournament was held at the Royal Oaks Golf and Country Club in Vancouver, WA.  I The course was an easy walk and the staff did a wonderful job.  The course from green to tee was in perfect condition.

Royal Oaks 1A

Royal Oaks 2

Royal Oaks 3

Royal Oaks 6

The second tournament was in Bend Oregon where I totally fell in love with.  It’s high desert area just past Mt. Hood. Many retirees, especially from California.

Mt Hood 1

Mt Hood 2

The golf course, Broken Top, was beautiful, established many years ago,  They had huge huge Ponderosa Pines which we don’t have in Seattle.

Ponderosa Pine

The pinecones were falling and I’ve never seen any this big or beautiful.  So of course I got a bag and started picking them up.  At first my hubby thought I was crazy, but it wasn’t too long before he was helping me.

135 136


138 139

I can’t wait to put these to use; tinted with glitter, mixed with cinnamon sticks.  Do you have any ideas?

Happy Monday,


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