A Little More Red, White & Blue: DIY Tray + Accessories

Happy 4th of July!   How will you be spending it?  I’ll be on the golf course watching my son in a tournament and hopefully I will have a golf cart instead of walking.  That’s a story of its own which I’ll share after I see the orthopedic surgeon next week.  Lets just say…major knee surgery.

I had a few more July 4th decorations I wanted to share with you.  I shared in a post last week of a tray with reversible liner.  I was crafting another tray at the same time.

DIY July  Tray

I picked up a couple of green plastic trays for $3.00 each at Rite Aid a couple of months ago and they’ve been sitting in the garage ever since.  I grabbed my trusty reliable Rust Oleum Primer and Gloss White spray and gave it a few coats of each.

White Plain Tray

I had some scrapbook paper, red and white polka dot and blue check and some foam board.  I cut the paper into about 8 inch strips and glued them onto the pre-cut foam board alternating the 2 papers.  I also did another design on the other side of the foam board, then took it to Staples and had it laminated.

164 166

So that’s the tray.  And here’s a few extras to add to the decorations in addition to the July 4 Centerpiece.

DIY July 4 Table Decor

Here’s the breakdown…

  • patriotic nutcracker from Joanne Fabrics
  • napkins from the dollar store are actually dish towels but you need a big napkin sometimes for the ribs and corn on the cob!
  • plastic cups from the dollar store striped with colored scotch tape
  • red plastic bowl also decorated with colored scotch tape hold some festive mints all dressed up in patriotic colors
  • red checked paper plates from the dollar store
  • tray and centerpiece made with love

193 194-A

199 196

DIY July 4 Table Decor DIY July  Tray

From my family to yours, Happy 4th of July!


3 responses to “A Little More Red, White & Blue: DIY Tray + Accessories

  1. Hi Renee! You asked a couple of questions on my blog about the decoupage boxes, but I can’t reply via email because I think you have that feature turned off in your blog settings. Anyhow, yes, I used scrap paper for the decoupage boxes and I used Mod Podge in a matte finish. Sometimes I leave the interiors untouched, and sometimes I line them with paper and/or coat the inside with Mod Podge. Hope this helps!

  2. I visited your site today after not visiting in a long while. The tray you described has given me some ideas!

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