Play Time

Hi All – Hope you had a fab weekend.  I certainly did.  My son turned 21.  Can you believe it?  As I told him, 9:40 a.m. 21 years ago is still pretty vivid in my memory bank and I wouldn’t change a thing.

If you check my blog on a consistent basis you’ll notice my last blog entry was on July 3.  It was not my intention to take a break from blogging but it’s kind of turned into that.

My son goes to college in Orlando and is only home for a few weeks.  My day job is crazy busy and on top of all this, I dislocated my patella and tore my meniscus.

I decided I needed to be real with myself.  I need a break to breathe so have decided to set the blogging aside for just a couple of more weeks.  So I’ll be back by August 1.

If you want to know exactly when I return you can subscribe (upper right corner) and you’ll get notification when I post.

See ya then!



One response to “Play Time

  1. You will be missed. Get well, have fun, “see” you soon!

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