My Unexpected Guest who "Flew" In Today

Hi to all!  Hope you had a marvelous weekend.  We certainly did, it was the perfect formula.  A little gardening, a couple of walks, a bit of shopping, drinks with my bro, and that was all on Saturday!

On Sunday my hubby had to work and it was the perfect time to bunker down and give the inside of our house a good cleaning.  I had the doors wide open and was flitting from vacuuming , running to the garage to spray paint a few things and doing laundry.  When I walked through the entry my eye caught a fuzzy blob in the corner.  At first I thought it was a dust bunny I missed on the hardwood.  At closer look, it was tiny tiny baby birds all huddled together.  I gasped out loud and they scattered all over the house, but not out the door.  I thought there were 3.  Note to self: keep your glasses close.  My little camera was on the counter. That’s how I was able to get a couple pictures.

I screamed for my neighbor and she and her son came running. Sharon and I were able to lift the family room couch and her son found one and it was carried to the door.  On the way it slipped out of our hands but it was okay.

Quail 2

The others scurried into the living room and dining room.  Sharon put Divot in the den and her pup in the bathroom and shut the doors to both.  We also barricaded the open areas so they were confined to the living room and dining room.  I was almost in tears.  I felt so bad. The birdies were chirping and so was the mama somewhere outside.  We found this one huddled in the corner and were able to shoo it outside.

Baby Quail

A few minutes later we were able to get the last one out.  Sharon’s son thought there were 4, but we could only find 3.  I left the barricades up just in case.  Low and behold, about an hour later I heard chirp, chirp, chirp!  And now the fourth one is outside too.

I showed the pictures to my neighbor and also checked out the internet.  The picture on the left is from the internet.  The right one is the one I took.  The babies are bitty quails, which usually  are born in the June timeframe, but we had such a wet June, they re-hatched.

image Baby Quail

Yep, I helped a mama reunite with her family and helped save her babies.  I feel pretty good.  Have you ever rescued any type of animal?  Please share.


2 responses to “My Unexpected Guest who "Flew" In Today

  1. if they were quail you were luck their were only 4 cause usually there can be 18 of them in one lay! We have a family of 18 in our backyard right now…didn’t know western wa has quail…its usually east!

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