DIY – Art In An Hour – The Reveal

Good Afternoon!  Did you see my post this morning?  Are you curious about what I made that took me less than an hour?  Here ya go…

DIY Art Piece

I know some might think this looks like I did this in grade school (laugh) but I like it.  Art is in the eye of the beholder.  And this makes me happy.  Besides, it brightens my laundry room up.

Here’s my inspirations.  I apologize for not being able to provide a link on the left.  I had pinned it to my DIY and Craft Inspiration Board on Pinterest, but when trying to open my virus ware blocked it as a potential spam site.  The picture on the right is wrapping paper and I just love the bright flowers.

image Wrapping Paper

So I grabbed my supplies…

Supplies Buttons

  • canvas art board
  • circle stencil
  • painter pens (I used ones by Decor)
  • buttons

I actually did this twice, but each time was less than an hour to make.  The first time I did the circles, was not happy, tried to make flowers out if it, then hated it.

Art First Try

Thank goodness for Rust Oleum semi-gloss white spray paint.  Another fresh canvas and I was happy.  I also decided to add a few colorful buttons.  I hung the picture in my laundry room next to my welcome sign and a picture I’ve had for over 20 years.  That’s a tea towel that Hubby and I brought back from Australia and we framed it.

The Wall

Closeup 2

Closeup 1 Closeup 3

DIY Art Piece

Have you been creative lately?

Linking up to Cassie @ Hi Sugarplum


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