The Divot Diary 8-17-12: Northwest Beach Time

When we got back from Vegas we had nothing in the house as far as food goes.  After all, we were gone for 5 days.  So we hit the local Saturday morning market for so fresh veggies and fruit.  And then because we had Divot with us we hit the off-leash dog park that was near by. oh, by the way it just so happened to be a no-leash park at the beach!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day. I love our Northwest ferries.  It’s great fun to just walk on and explore the city on the other side.

2012-07-28 09.46.45

2012-07-28 09.42.33

Divot looks adorable in this picture .  I’m a little caught off guard!  And here’s one of the hubby and Divot too.

Divot-Renee Beach2012-07-28 10.06.19KC Divot Edmonds Beach

Happy puppy!

Divot Side View 2012-07-28

Intense exploring!


Have a great weekend.  Enjoy yourself!



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