Shopping – Home Goods = LOVE

Hi All!  Miss me yesterday?  My internet/phone/TV provider experienced a statewide power outage on Sunday.  It even took the back-up battery out.  Thankfully my neighbor has the same provider so when I got home yesterday she was able to tell me how to fix it.  Thanks to Audrey for calling and staying on hold for 1.5 hours.

As you already know, I live in the Seattle area and my son goes to school in Orlando.  Some of the restaurants and stores that I’m familiar with in Florida are finally making it here.  First came Five Guys burgers and Jimmie Jon with sandwiches.  A couple of months ago Home Goods came to the Northwest and located just 20 minutes away from me.  I can’t tell you how excite I was, although I have to admit I stayed away for the first month.  I knew it would be a crazy zoo and it was, according to some of my friends.  I first wrote about Home Goods here after a trip to Orlando.

Hubby and I stopped by a few weeks ago.  Do you ever see that one little item that just has to be yours?  That happened to me with this pillow.


I love birds and flowers and the colors green, pink and blue.  It’s the perfect pillow and I also love the shape, a different shape than the other pillows Here’s a closer look.

Pillow Close Up

This is what I view from far away.  Is it just so silly to be in love with a pillow?

Pillow far view Pillow - Another View

Pilllow Side View

Now I’ve got my eye on this and it’s another love…

Bird and Ivy Dresser Bird and Ivy Dresser 2

Have you shopped at Home Goods?  What have you brought home?  What did you want to buy and when you went back it was gone?

One response to “Shopping – Home Goods = LOVE

  1. Are you kidding me?? That pillow is gorgeous! I’m in love with it too! We have a Home Goods near us….I’ve shopped there….and at this moment can’t think of anything I’ve bought!

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