Laundry Room Updated

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Mine had its ups and downs.  I have the makings of a stuffed up head and I’m trying really hard to ignore it.

Today I wanted to share with you our updated laundry room.  It was fine as is, but I decided it needed a change after I got some free paint from ACE.  Over the past several months ACE has offered free quarts of the new Clark Kensington paint..  I got 4 cans; 2 Silent White, a very pale shade of green called Casual Day, and another named Salem Green.  I decided to use the Salem Green on the wall behind the washer and dryer.  That meant moving them away from the wall and I’m happy to say I unhooked and pulled those puppies out like a pro.  I was impressed how well the Salem Green went on.  It felt and looked thick and required a few touch ups but not a full second coat.

Green Paint Right Corner Laundry

I used the Silent White for the other 3 walls and after it dried I wasn’t very pleased.  It looked like I had painted the walls with a white liquid. I normally use Behr paint with primer from Home Depot and I think I’ve been spoiled.    I really had not planned on spending any money so I went on a paint search to the garage and found some Behr Ultra White that we used a couple of years ago.  It was almost a full gallon and it was perfectly sealed so I spent a bit of time stirring and shaking and it was just fine.  I ended up using that for both the walls and ceiling.  I also had some left over trim paint so I gave the base boards a new  life as well.

DIY Laundry Room

When it’s a small room, it’s hard to take pictures and give you the full meal deal all at once.  Here’s a picture entering from the inside hallway to the laundry room.

Window View

Not the greatest picture but you get the idea I  hope.  The yellow jar came from the dollar store.  I use it to put all the change I find in pants pockets.  The little bird on the right came from ACE.  I have several in a variety of colors and they are always moving from place to place both in my home and office at work.  I’m in love with birds and birdhouses.  Speaking of, if you want to know how I made the birdhouse stand that is sitting in the center of the window sill go here.

Here’s a few before pictures.

Before Collage

When I changed the paint colors I added a few new items as well.

NewNew Stuff Collage

I took the easy way out on the knobs.  I bought some plain wood ones at Michaels, then primed and spray painted them Rust Oleum’s copper color.  I used Gorilla glue to attach.  One of my favorite things is the curtain rod that I picked up at Home Depot.  It’s secured between the end of the cupboard and the wall and comes in handy when wet clothes need to be hung.  I also picked up 2 rugs from Home Goods.  If you want to read about my shopping experiences from their go here and here.

Plain White Container Polka Dot Container

I used painter pens to decorate an old white tin I had laying around.  Now it holds my “laundry stuff”.  I also jazzed up my laundry soap container.

Painter Pen Decor

I made the 3 day storage box below last year.  You can find the story here.   I’m using it to hold softener strips, clothespins and other miscellaneous items I don’t know what to do with.

3 Drawer Storage

Entry from the garage looks like this.


We’ve had the Australia picture for 20 years.  It’s actually a tea towel we picked up in Sydney when we were there.  The welcome sign was something my son made in high school wood shop.  I just painted it.  I also made the flower art.  Check out how simple that was  here.

How about you?  Have you updated your laundry room lately?


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