Fall Porch

Happy Monday!  Fall has definitely set in.  We were so lucky, in the Seattle area where I live.  We had 81 days without rain.  81!  Hard to believe.  But the wind and the wet started on Friday bringing with it falling leaves and branches.  Saturday was focused on errands, college football and I nested in my craft room a bit.  More on that to come.

I’m sharing my front porch gone Fall today.  I have to admit I snapped these pics about a week ago when it was sunny and calm.  The nasturtiums and trailing fuchsia are still doing quite well so I decorated around them.  I should also probably switch out my summer pillows and bench cushion to my fall ones now that the weather has changed.

Enough blah blah blah.  Here’s some pics.

Full Porch 1

Corner close up Branches

I can’t believe how well the flowers thrived and grew. They started as 6 small starter plants. The blue planter box is something I picked up off the curb free and spray painted it. The branches are from the gulley next to us.  I have a stockpile of them.

Pumpkins and Fuschia farmer close up

Divot on porch  367

This is Divot’s favorite place to hang out when he’s outside.  I think my puppy thinks he controls the neighborhood and he’s guarding the pumpkins.

Shelf Close up 1 Full Porch 1

So there is is.  Even thought it’s getting a bit colder hubs and I still enjoy sitting out there with a nice warm cup of coffee.  Have you “fall-ized” your porch yet?


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