Same Hutch, New Look

What do you do when you want a new look, but are not willing to spend bunches of money?  You can paint, but if the object is wood then you might, like me, have a hubby that says No, please don’t.

I wanted a new look for my dining room hutch.  It’s old, a bit out of style, but it’s been with me forever. So I just took the doors off and I’m okay with it awhile longer.  Removing the lead glass doors certainly gives it a more open feel.  But, I’m thinking I like the linens.  With them I feel a little more warmth.  Am I right?

Hutch Collage

Half the shelf

Tea Set


white dish top shelf

Old dishes

Hutch after

What do you think?  With doors or without?


4 responses to “Same Hutch, New Look

  1. Well, I really really like the new look. Way better. I personally would not put in the lace as I think it detracts from the beautiful dishes.

    • Karen, thanks for the feedback. I think you’re right and the dishes mean lots to me. Some of them were my moms and Grandma and my mother-in-laws, all who have passed away.

  2. Hi again glad you liked the feedback. I am Sherrys sister she said to tell u that she is back from Italy and ready for work.

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