A Fun Bridal Shower

Happy Friday everyone!  I’m a happy mama!  My son is home from college for a few days and I am lovin his smiling face!

My niece is getting married this weekend.  She’s been planning the wedding for months and I know it will be beautiful.  I was lucky enough to host a family bridal shower for her back in September.  I wanted to share some of it with you today.

The Invitations

I created save-the date bookmarks that I mailed in August.  I made them in 6 different colors, matching to the bridesmaid theme.  I used colored scrapbook paper and added pictures I printed of the bride and groom to make two sided messages.

Save The date

I also made the main invitation using some premade cards from Michaels and scrapbook paper.

Shower Invite


Autumn flowers decorated the tables. (please pretend the pumpkin was not there,  The cake was, but I didn’t get a pic that day.  grrrr)

Bridal Shower Collage R1

Food and Drink

Tins of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks were offered.   I spray painted both the tins back to life.  You can read more about the green and white striped tin here.

The Drinks

Flowers and Drinks 1

Flowers and Drinks 2

I purchased 30 glass goblets and 30 glass plates from the Dollar Store and used utensils I had.  I also have been collecting for a while and had a set of 30 mismatched dessert plates.  The menu was simple:

  • turkey, roast beef and ham thinly sliced
  • a variety of cheeses and rolls
  • meatballs
  • pasta salad
  • fruit salad with fruit dip
  • cake, cookies and bowls of candy
  • and the drinks mentioned above

Lots of presents


First year wish tree

I created a wish tree by spray painting an urn I had, then added some branches I also spray painted.  I had colored paper shapes cut from scrapbook paper, a variety of ribbon and colored pens.  Each person wrote a message for the bride and groom and tied it to the tree.  Ok, twist my arm, I’ll tell you mine.  Teach him to sit when he pees.  It save on toilet seats!  I’m terrible, aren’t I?  But it’s true!

237 urn with messages

Recipe Book

I inserted this message in the shower invitation (along with directions and registration.  I got a pretty cute notebook, added some Martha Stewart tabs, and all 21 brought at least 3 recipes.  Believe, it was awesome, and the bride walked away with some trade secrets and memorable stories.

Invite inside


I dreamed this up one night when I couldn’t sleep.  Do you watch reality shows?  This is a cross between Chopped and Project Runway.  The attendees minus the host (me) and the bride divided into teams of 5.  The Challenge:  Create a wedding veil.  I filled containers with a variety of items; ribbon, scissors, headbands, tape, toilet paper, glitter glue, and honestly, I can’t even remember what else.  I basically shopped my craft room and the Dollar store.  I covered the containers with tissue paper.  Each team drew a number and picked a team captain who chose a container.  I also had some extra stuff which I laid out and it was a frenzy of pushing and grabbing.  I also gave free rein to my craft room.  The teams had about 25 minutes and they had to pick a model.  Everyone loved the game.  The bride had to pick the winner.

Game Boxes and gift bags…

Game Boxes Gifts

The models with their veils and the bride…

The Brides

and the bride modeling the winner…

close up veil 1 Kacee wedding veil

and the cake…yum!

Kacee - cake

What a fun fun day!  Any wedding in your future? 🙂


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