DIY – Striped Candle Holders

Happy Monday!  How was you weekend?  We had such a grand one!  Our son was home from Florida for his cousins wedding, which was absolutely gorgeous by the way.  She looked like a princess.  And the groom isn’t bad either.  Okay, I just have to show you…

B & K, wedding pose

After 3 days of chaotic bliss and putting my son on a plane back to college this morning, it turned into a quiet Sunday.  I got the DIY itch and went on a house search of possibilities.  I ended up inspired with  a post by Cassie {Hi Sugarplum}.  She made some simple and cute gold striped vases and I though I’d try it to.

The items needed are simple; rubber bands in various widths, empty glass containers and spray paint.  You can really go cheap by getting your glassware at the Dollar store or even better, use an empty BBQ or juice bottle.  Just make sure the labels are off and the bottles are thoroughly washed inside and out.

Start by placing the rubber bands on the containers. I chose a straight line, repeatable pattern. And, fyi, I did a few more the these 2, but did not snap the shot.


Then just spray paint with your favorite color.  I’m into both silver and gold so I used both and also placed them on a silver tray from the Dollar store.

Painted stripes

Side View



Cassie called these vases and I’m renaming them candle holders.  Can you tell I have tea lights inside each?  I’m thinking bunches of these for the Christmas Decor.


I’m linking to Home Stories A2Z for Beth’s Tutes and Tips party.

2 responses to “DIY – Striped Candle Holders

  1. this looks great, good for you for doing this project after getting inspired. and what a gorgeous couple!

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