For The Love Of…Spray Paint

It’s another For The Love of and what better to share than spray paint.  I took inventory the other day and I stopped counting at 55 cans.  Have I become a closet spray paint hoarder or is this normal?  I’ve only done small projects, but as I look back on my posts I certainly have used a can or two.  So today I’m sharing with you For The Love Of…Spray Paint!

For The Love of Spray Paint

  1. Metallic Dollar Store Pumpkins
  2. Welcome Tin
  3. Chevron stripe chair
  4. Garage sale find – outdoor table
  5. Spray Paint Ceramic Animals
  6. 3 Drawer Storage Box
  7. Free to Fab Flower Urn
  8. Birdhouse Stands
  9. Silver shells

For additional spray paint projects and other ideas see my Project Gallery.  If you’d like to see other For The Love Of posts see For The Love Of Buttons and For The Love of Contact Paper.

With spray paint anything is possible.  What have you given a shot of color to lately?


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