Monthly Recap–Nov. 2012

Happy Monday!  Hard to believe it’s already December, isn’t it?  Here’s what happened in November…..just in case you need a catch up!

Nov Recap Collage Food

I started a crockpot cookin series and cooked a couple of other yummy items.

  1. Crockpot cookin meatloaf
  2. Crockpot cookin pork chops and potatoes
  3. Overnight french toast
  4. Apple crisp
  5. Chicken cordon bleu {fake}

Nov Collage for the love of

I wrote a post titled “For the Love of” and it’s turned into 3!

Nov Recap Collage 4

I started getting into the holiday spirit.

Nov Recap Collage 3

And here’s the remaining posts for November.

  1. Updated living room
  2. Letter in a shadow box
  3. Striped candle holders
  4. Bridal Shower – details and ideas
  5. Window shopping at Home Goods
  6. Updated dining room

Whew, that’s a bunch of stuff.  December is sure to bring lots to so stay tuned.  Lots of linky parties and projects are in process all over my dining room table!


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