Holiday Craft–Signage

You’ve all seen the cute signs on the web where they say inspiring words and it looks really cool?  I thought I’d give it a try, but it seems like I end up spinning it my way just because it doesn’t turn out the way it’s supposed to.  Whew!  I certainly hope that makes sense because my brain is fried.  I just got off work, the day job, and this post should of gone out last night but I was too busy lazy!

When I updated my spare room in to my “woman cave” I hung this  little white shelf which later fell off the well.  I was left with multiple pieces of white board and I kept them because I knew someday I would need one.  Well, today’s the day!  Because you just have to believe!

Believe Sign

Believe sign close up

I first spray painted the board gold, then took Elmer’s glue and made the word Believe and left it to dry over night.

sign gold w glue

Once I spray painted it white, it all kind of blended and after I hung it the word could barely be seen.


See what I mean?  So I outlined the letters in green glitter glue and I like it much better.  Side note:  Any tips on how to clean brick?

Believe Sign

Isn’t it cute?  I love this little corner of the fireplace hearth now.  I’ve had that snowman for years.  It’s probably as old as my son and he’s 21.  I did a post  not to long ago on the pinecones and cinnamon basket.  Since then, I changed from the basket to this tin.  If you want to see what I did to paint the old bucket like this go here.

This is my first of many crafts I’ve got to get done.  I’ve got little projects going all over the house and my sweet hubby asked me if I could possibly keep them confined to one room.  Lol!

I’m joining a couple of linky parties today, Hi Sugarplum, Beth @ Home Stories A 2 ZBetween Naps on the Porch and Be Colorful.  Be sure to check these awesome sites for inspiring ideas.

I wanted to also get another  post out because Layla is having a mantel decorating party, but that just might not happen until tomorrow.  Check back to see or subscribe and you’ll get an e=mail notification of all my posts.  Click on the button at the top to become an “avid follower”.

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!


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