For The Love Of…Pinecones

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  My weekend was so fun.  Saturday I went thrifting all day with my best neighborhood lady friends and we had a blast and came home with a car full of stuff.  I’ll hopefully share my finds later this week.  Sunday we watched our beloved Seahawks go down to the wire and lose, giving up their quest to play at the Super Bowl.  It was a great game though, especially the 4th quarter!

Today I wanted to continue with a series that I lovingly call For The Love Of and today it’s all about Pinecones!

Pinecone  Collage

It all started when we took a trip to Oregon last summer and I gathered a couple bags full of pinecones from the Ponderosa Pine Trees .

I’ve spray painted them, and glittered them.  I’ve also left them plain in a weathered box on the front porch.

Porch Pinecones 1

During the Christmas season I didn’t share a post on it, but I made a ribbon and pinecone banner for my neighbor’s fireplace.  It was as simple as inserting cup hooks in the end of the pinecone, then running the ribbon through.

Pinecone Banner

Pinecone Banner 2

I love natural elements like pinecones.  Have you decorated with natural elements before?

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