Organize–Command Book and Kitchen Station

It’s been at least a year since I downloaded   a command center guide from  Simplify 101 and I finally looked at it over the weekend.  Aby Garvey is one smart woman and then I said so am I!  Because I put together a similar book 17 years ago and I was still using it so you can imagine how it looked.  And the inside was even worse. Sadly, a percentage of the folks had passes away. I still had a list of my sons friends from middle and high school and he’s a senior in college. It was time to clean it up. I also thought I better clean up the “drop area”.  Do you have one of those?  And does it get as messy as this?

old bookBefore command center

Here’s what it looks like now.

Kitchen Command Center

The white catch-all dish is something I picked up at the Goodwill a couple of weeks ago.  I love the scalloped trip on it.  I diy’d  the 3 drawer storage and you can read about it here.

Command Center 1

Command center 3

Cute notebook, right? Both it and the dividers are from Carolinapad, design by JACK!E.  Since it’s just the two of us I only need minimal information.  There are 4 tabs, plus a front page with emergency information and a back page with safety information.  The four tabs are addresses, medical, misc. and a folder with pockets that contains take-out menus.

book and dividers

Notebook CoverNotebook Sec 1

Sec 2Menu Sec

Now let’s hope it stays organized.  Have you done any organizing lately?


4 responses to “Organize–Command Book and Kitchen Station

  1. So light and bright and airy! I love this! Organization is not one of my strengths, but you are inspiring! One of my biggest problems is that there is so much paper. Notes and envelopes…etc. I tend to file things according to “first thoughts” instead of “like things,” which is what an organized friend told me is best. I love the lime greens and golds you chose and also like the elegant “catch-all” with the scalloped edges. Such a colorful and clean blog (and home) you have!

  2. And the pink! Love the pink!

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