Monthly Recap–Jan. 2013

Happy Friday everyone.  I love Fridays so much because it’s the end of the work week for me.  Yes!  Do you have any major plans this weekend? Saturday I’m hanging out with my 2 fav neighbor ladies, who are also my thrift, spray paint and beer buddies.  We’re a happy threesome!  Sunday the Super Bowl will be on but I can’t guarantee how much I’ll watch the game. Since the Seahawks aren’t in the final I’m not crazy excited to sit on my but in front of the TV.  But I definitely will make all efforts to view all the commercials. Ya gotta love the commercials.    I also want to find a few minutes to add a few Valentine touches around the house.  You know, dress it up in a little pink.

Ttoday I’m sharing a January recap.  It’s not too overloaded as I was pretty low-key, a.k.a. lazy in the first month of 2013.  Here you go…..Jan. 2013 recap…

Jan 2013 Monthly Recap

January was a good month to start organizing and I managed to get a little accomplished.  I created a coupon carrier for my purse,  cleaned out and redid under the kitchen sink and created a command center station in the kitchen complete with a brand new + cute command notebook!

My cooking mirrored my January mindset (lazy) but I did make pulled pork sliders.  I also used some leftover whipping cream to make frozen cream drops which by the way come in so handy every morning when I make coffee.  Plop plop, yum yum!

I did a new For The Love Of post on  pinecones.  And we at our meals at a table with a snowman and snowflake winter place setting.

Last,but not least, I shared a new Divot Diary yesterday.  Love that pup!

That’s it for me.  Have a fabulous weekend!


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