White Accessory Obsession

Welcome to Lattenene Chat.  My name is Renee and I have an obsession for white….dishes, vases, bowls, plates.  You name it, I’m sure I have it in one form or another.

I’ve always loved white and yes, even though there is a continuous debate, I consider it a color.  It’s clean. crisp and bright all at the same time.  I have lot’s of white accessories throughout my home, but recently the stock pile has increased due to multiple trips to the Goodwill, St.Vincent DePaul, Value Village, Marshalls, and other choice spots.

The total dollar amount for my treasures below is less than $50.00 .  See what a little time and a sharp eye does and I had a blast with my girlfriends doing it.

All white

All white 3s

heart and silver birdbath and heart

milk vase



Blue white bowl

Do you have a favorite color you decorate with?  Happy Friday!


One response to “White Accessory Obsession

  1. In a word “gentle.” Really like this. (also liked reading “had a blast with my girlfriends”:)

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