On The Wall {Day 2} Dorothy’s Red Shoes

I’m back to share day 2 of my challenge to myself.  I’m sharing 5 straight days of ideas to decorate your walls using only what I already have in my house.  That’s right folks, I’m not spending a dime.  I’m also hoping it will help me free up some drawer and closet space.

I’m making use of my Canon printer, some red glitter, stickers and reusing a shadowbox frame I already had to create a little piece of one of my favorite childhood movies.

Pic 1

You guessed right if you said Oh my God, it’s Dorothy’s shoes from the Wizard of Oz!  Along with Pollyanna, it’s one of my childhood favorite movies.  I first shared this pic in a post about a year go.

In our entry way we have a large Wizard of Oz painting and a smaller pencil drawing of the Cowardly Lion.  I thought it would be cute to add Dorothy’s shoes.

side view

I printed a pic off the internet and trimmed it down to fit on a piece of scrapbook paper I had glued to a piece of cardboard from a cereal box.  I coated the shoes in Mod Podge glue and sprinkled on red glitter.  Remember to shake the paper after a few minutes to get rid of the excess that didn’t stick.

Step 1 Mod Podge

The shadow box was a freebie given to me by my neighbor.  He’s in the frame business.  Lucky me!  I’m quite happy  how the shoes turned out, especially when I had to do the glue /glitter thing again to fill in a few gaps.  Once I put the picture in the frame it still needed something so I added some sticker trim onto the glass of the frame.  Then I was short on the trim, thus the reason for the flower.  Remember my challenge to myself, no money spent.

close up shoes

Here’s a side by side of the shoes.

before after

What do you think?  Am I totally wacko?  Do you like The Wizard of Oz?

If you want to check out Day 1 of my personal On The Wall challenge, click here to see my paisley fabric covered bulletin board.


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